2020 Lagos, Nigeria 1500 People Car Award Convention was held in a grand scale


On November 29, 2020 local time, Norland Nigeria branch held the Lagos car award convention for 1,500 people at 10 DEGREE CENTER in Lagos. The convention specially invited Nigerian film and television star Okon Lagos to grace the event with the leaders and distributors of Norland Nigeria branch to celebrate this grand event.The meeting was co-host by okon lagos and Blessing Essien, a Norland Blue Diamond leader.


The whole event lasted nearly 5 hours, and the venue was packed. The award presentation was held at the event, and 24 car awards were given out on the spot, and newly promoted blue diamond, red diamond and yellow diamond dealers were recognised. At the award ceremony, the distributors shared their own stories with Norland. They thanked Norland for helping them to gain wealth and health, and realize a their dreams and live a wonderful life.

Car Award Winners

TV Winners

Yellow Diamond qualifiers

Red diamond qualifiers

Blue Diamond qualifiers

Gold Diamond qualifiers


At the meeting, Kenny Chen , the Norland Vice President of Africa and the Nigeria Norland Country Manager , expressed his sincere gratitude to the Nigerian leaders & distributors who have been with Norland through thick and thin. He expressed his love for the land of Nigeria, and shared the Norland development of the Nigerian market. Introduced the new product system.

Finally, I thought about the beautiful vision of the Nigerian market in Norland. He said that the Norland will always work tirelessly in Nigeria, and through the Nigerian market, with the help of the Nigerian leaders and distributors, Norland will expand its business to all corners of the world.

Kenny Chen , the Norland Vice President of Africa and the Nigeria Norland Country Manager


Throughout the event, the family members of Norland Nigeria Northern were ecstatic and cheered joyfully. They expressed their love for Norland’s cause with the unique Nigerian enthusiasm .


The grand convening of this event has encouraged the morale and confidence of all the leaders & distributors of Norland Nigeria, Northern Continent will take this as a new opportunity to fully explore the Nigerian marketand expand Norland’s overseas business.

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