The third progress meeting of Norland Le Ting production base was held. Chairman Mr. Zou Zhongquan listened to the work report!


With the rapid expansion of the Norland Industry Group's beauty business department market, the demand for products is increasing, and the construction schedule of the cosmetics production base of the Le Ting branch exclusively built for this system is becoming more and more urgent.


On November 17, 2020, the project progress meeting for the cosmetics production base of Le Ting Branch was held in the conference room on the 5th floor of the Norland Group. At the meeting, the heads of the Le Ting production base reported on the current progress and operations of the Le Ting production base. Mr. Zou Zhongquan, Chairman of the Norland Group, and Mr. Zhao Bo, the group director and Marketing President, listened to the work report and gave them full endorsement.



The Le Ting production base is an internationally leading production base specially built by Norland Group for the beauty industry. It is the main production and R&D center for the production of water, milk, cream, cream and other products. The completed production base includes areas such as R&D, production, warehousing, office, etc., and has multiple fully automated internationally certified production lines. After the formal operation, it will fully promote the substantial increase in Norland’s production capacity , which is expected to reach 2~3 times of the existing production capacity. 




Pressed the project construction "accelerator key",

ensure a great start to high-quality development!

Norland Group attaches great importance to the construction and commissioning of Le Ting manufacturing base. At the initial stage of the project, the chairman of the board, Mr. Zou Zhongquan instructed that while grasping the overall quality of the base, we must intensify efforts, speed up progress, and strengthen the implementation of responsibilities to ensure that the Le Ting production base construction is completed quickly, operating well and on time.

We shall never forget he original intention, and the mission lies ahead. In just a few years, the Le Ting production base has now been completed with high quality and has entered the trial operation stage ahead of schedule. Behind this amazing efficiency and speed is the determination of Norland to win the future development!


Speeding ​​up the construction progress,

building an intelligent and international manufacturing base!

At the promotion meeting, everyone had an in-depth discussion and exchange on the Le Ting production base’s future development plan. Chairman Zou Zhongquan emphasized that the infrastructure and operating environment of the Le Ting production base have absolute advantages. He hopes that the base can strengthen management and operations in time to come, and do its best in R&D and production, so that the production base can smoothly transform into intelligent production mode and rapid development towards internationalization , and contribute to the sustainable development strategy of Norland Group’s entire industrial chain.
The smooth convening of this progress meeting will help the future development direction of Le Ting production base to be clearly implemented. After the operation and production of the production base,not only it can meet the increasing demand of customers, but also help to guide the Group’s agglomeration and development , strengthen the sustainable economic power, and also provide more local employment opportunities. It enables Le Ting to fulfill the social responsibility as well as  contribute to the social stability maintenance !

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