Deep Ploughing International Market Confidently | Norland Malaysia Roadshow was ended in a Satisfactory


On 25th May to 1st June, Norland Malaysia was conducting roadshow around Malaysia especially in Peninsular Malaysia like Teluk Intan, Segamat, Pulau Pinang, and West Malaysia like Sabah and Sibu. During the roadshow period, the invited speaker from Norland Group Education Director Ms. Li Longying giving her professional speech to Malaysia core leaders. They were deeply understand and knowing the best seller products of Norland including Wuqing Detox package,GI Vital Solfgel, Micro-molecule Peptide, Natto & Red Rice Yeast Powder, Islym Nutrition Bars Instant Cereal Food and etc. ; After attended the roadshow, they were get more knowledge on all the products which can help them fully focus and expend Malaysia rapidly.



This roving roadshow across West and East Malaysia to emphasis on Norland to explore International market especially in Malaysia to continues deep ploughing with fully support to spur the enthusiasm of the international market to build up the foundation for globalization of Norland.


Norland was actively in practicing the great call of the country of “One Belt One Road “in effort to open up an overseas market specially Malaysia, it is because Malaysia is one of the core areas of the overseas market. At the same time, it is also an important part of the strategic layout of the Southeast Asian market in the North China. It has a younger population structure and increasing consumption power, and has huge market potential. The unremitting efforts of the Norland have always been highly recognized by all walks of life in Malaysia. In December 2018, the Norland Group China emerged from more than 10,000 companies and won the Nobel Prize in Asia for the Asian Integrity Product Award at the 6th Asian Integrity Awards Ceremony. In January of this year, the Malaysian branch of the Norland Group relied on its strong strength to gain a local direct sales licenses. In March of this year, Malaysian distributors in the Norland Group were also invited to visit the Beijing headquarters of the Norland Group North China. They not only had the latest understanding of the Group's philosophy and strength, but also strengthened their confidence in the healthy and beautiful cause of the Norland Group. The Norland Group will continue to provide all-round support to all dealer teams in the future, inspiring more dreamy people to earn a successful career and enjoy a healthy and beautiful life on the platform of the Norland Group through their own efforts.

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