2021 Norland Cameroon Branch Second Car Award Ceremony ended Successfully


On November 19, 2021, with everyone’s eager anticipation, the second car awards ceremony of the Norland Cameroon branch officially opened in Yaoundé. Norland International President Johnny Chen, as well as guests and leaders from various regions of Cameroon gathered together to participate in the award ceremony.


At the meeting, Mr Johnny Chen gave an important speech, expressing his sincere gratitude to the Cameroonian family who have been with the norland in the wind and rain, expressed his love for this land of Cameroon, told about the development of Norland in Cameroon market, introduced the new layout, new products, and new cash incentive policies of Norland.

Mr Johnny Chen also showed the achievements of leaders in Nigeria and South Africa, including luxury houses, tourism, cars, etc. He hopes that in the near future, with the joint efforts of everyone, the Cameroonian family can also realize their dreams!


Madam Simo and Mrs Mboudou Epse Damaris, as leaders of gold diamonds and silver diamonds, respectively explain the products of the Norland to the distributors present. And Mrs Ike, as the winner of the car award, explained the company’s compensation plan for everyone. In addition, the products users shared their experience of using the product on site.


Accompanied by a piece of beautiful music and a section of passionate dance, the event ceremony entered the hottest awards session, which was awarded by Norland International President, Johnny Chen. The distributors who won car awards and cash awards were rewarded on the spot, and newly promoted distributors of gold diamonds, silver diamonds, gold medals and silver medals were commended.

At the award ceremony, the distributors told their stories and shared their successful experiences with Norland.

Silver Medalists

Gold Medalists

Gold Diamond (Madam.SIMO CLARISSE)

Cash Award


Norland is a multinational company with high-quality products and unique business models. Its mission is to make health, beauty, and wealth benefit everyone. We firmly believe that Norland Cameroon family will surely use perseverance and perseverance, forge ahead in unity, forge ahead with passion, work hard to create miracles!


Distributors lining up to pay the deposit:


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