The Dawn is Still Visible in Adversity! 2020 Bangladesh Branch Sales Performance is Encouraging


15 distributors excel in sales and won motorcycle awards!

At the beginning of 2020, the world has encountered the Covid 19 pandemic, and all walks of life face crises & difficulties. With the improvement of the pandemic situation, the Norland Bangladesh resumed normal operations. Through hard work, it has overcome many difficulties and achieved outstanding results!

At 7 p.m. on September 20th, 2020, the Norland Bangladesh Branch  held an online award celebration and awarded motorcycles to 15 distributors with outstanding sales performance in the previous months.

The online award celebration was hosted by MD of Norland International Bangladesh_Ellen Hou, CEO of Norland Global_Johnny Chen, President of Norland Asia Pacific Region_Jack Yu, Norland Global Consultant_Dr. Ravee, and 15 award-winning distributors participated in the award celebration online .



At the award ceremony, the CEO of Norland Global_Johnny Chen made a comprehensive summary of the work Norland Bangladesh branch over the past nine months, and fully affirmed the work of the Bangladeshi team. The Bangladeshi team has never stopped moving forward, and their sales performance hit a new high! Therefore, Mr. Chen has great expectation for the development of the remaining three months of 2020!



This round, 15 distributors, including Rokonuzzaman Kiron, Jamal Uddin, Sirajul Islam, Azadul Islam, Nasir Uddin, Lutfor Rahman, Lukman Hakim, Segatullah, Uzzam Mia, Supan Mohajon, Hafez Zakaria Fakir, were awarded the motorcycles. At the award celebration, the distributors shared their feeling and experience. They first expressed their gratitude to Norland for their wholehearted care and support for the distributors, which encouraged the distributors’ sales confidence tremendously . And then they highly recognized the Norland products, services and business model.


Among the 15 distributors, some of them hold good and stable jobs (some were bank managers or government engineers), but they still chose the Norland without hesitation because of their trust in the company. They hope that they can obtain more health and wealth and enhance their happiness in life through the high-quality products and services provided by Norland, and the good entrepreneurial opportunities provided.


Adhering to the corporate mission of "opening a new era of Life Economy, and letting health, beauty and wisdom benefit everyone", Northland has forged ahead, worked hard, and continuously exported a healthy lifestyle to families around the world, for everyone's health and for everyone's happiness, makes great and positive contributions, more people will gain health wealth and realize the value of life!


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