Healthway’s Aerospace Biotechnology Creates The World's First Space Health Supplimens


Healthway-The only soft capsule that has entered  space


Mysterious Space Contains Huge Mysteries

   From the Apollo landing on the moon to the development of manned space technology, mankind's exploration of space has never stopped. There are microgravity, high vacuum, ultra-low temperature,weak magnetic field and other outer space environments that the earth cannot simulate in space. Such an environment creates favorable conditions for humans to explore space health suppliments.

   Space Mutation Breeding Of Chinese Herbal Medicine Has Changed The History Of Chinese Herbal Medicine

    Space Health Suppliments, also known as "space mutagenesis breeding technology", uses returnable spacecraft to send biological samples such as traditional Chinese medicine, microbial strains, and plant seeds into space, using space microgravity, strong radiation, high vacuum, high cleanliness, etc. The special environment is used as a mutagenic factor to cause genetic mutations in organisms. After returning, modern biotechnology is used for cultivation, strains or seeds with excellent properties are screened out, and large-scale production is formed.



  1880 Experiments   Miraculous Chinese Medicine Fi

China is currently one of the three major space powers in the world capable of launching returnable satellites. Taking advantage of China's huge advantages in manned spaceflight, Norland sent its Healthway products into space with "Long March 2C" carrier rocket for the first time in 2006,ti took the lead in sending traditional Chinese medicine passed down for five thousand years into space for mutagenesis breeding. After 15 days of operation in the space environment of nearly 9 million kilometers, it returned on September 24, 2006 ground.

 This time, a variety of Chinese herbal medicines such as Pueraria lobata, grape seeds, ginseng, wolfberry, and Ganoderma lucidum were carried. They were subjected to certain spatial mutagenesis in the outer space environment, resulting in genetic variation.

Compared with ground-based traditional Chinese medicine, this kind of traditional Chinese medicine components and secondary generation derivatives produced by space loading and mutagenesis breeding has better performance, and the effect will be dozens of times higher than ground-based traditional Chinese medicine.



World First Space Biological Agents First Civil Use

Norland adopts the world’s most advanced modern biotechnology to cultivate traditional Chinese medicine after returning to the ground, select seeds with excellent properties, and form large-scale production. This pioneering initiative has realized the first civilian transformation of traditional Chinese medicine in space .

 At the same time, Norland has created a space healthcareproducts brand with Healthway as the core, covering aerospace soft capsules and aerospace biological preparations, and for the first time entered the field of health products consumption to protect human health.

   The emergence of Healthway Space Chinese Medicine has rewritten the history of Chinese medicine in the healthcare field and filled the gap in the application of global space biological agents.



The innovation and development of aerospace biotechnology is a powerful symbol of a country's prosperity. Norland has always adhered to the concept of "space science and technology, safe and effective", with aerospace biotechnology and aerospace medical achievements as the core, committed to the research and development and production of aerospace technology-applied health products, and creating more and better biological organisms with independent intellectual property rights.

New varieties, more than ten kinds of health products have been cultivated, such as Natural β-Carotene Capsules, Chao Li Kang Immune Vital Capsules, Healthway Hypogl Ycemic Herbal Capsules, and have become the backbone of the aerospace technology application industry of China Academy of Space Technology!


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