Norland’s 3 Days 2 Nights Elite Leader Training Camp Ended Successfully



The top level big leaders working together! From May 24th to 26th, 2020, a training that brought together leaders of Norland’s China Region market was held in Yesanpo, a famous 5A scenic spot around Beijing. Vice President of Norland, General Manager of the Direct Sales Division President Wang and Ms. Lu Qian, President of Greater China, led the Norland executives and the team of great trainers, with the theme of "Cohesion and unity for a win-win future". An unprecedented feast of leadership wisdom. During the three-day training, 100 elite leaders from all over the country participated actively, laying a solid foundation for Norland’s future development.


Winning in Norland, Complying with the trend of the time.


President Wang emphasized that corporate companies are constantly moving forward, and we need more elite leaders to follow the pace of the company, continue to learn and grow, use professional product knowledge, innovative marketing skills, and far-sighted strategic thinking to join forces with the company , Create brilliant success together. Through President Wang’s detailed analysis of the Norland’s marketing strategy and model and passionate training courses, not only did Norland distributors gain a deeper and clearer understanding of the company’s ambition and strategic goals, but it also ignited every elite leader The flame of people's dreams strengthens the team's cohesion, creativity and explosiveness, and  the family's courage and confidence in going after the dreams.

Closely follow the new blue ocean of the big health industry to layout the platform strategy.


Corporate strategy is the key to whether a company will win in the future! Through her humorous style, Ms. Lu Qian, president of Norland Greater China Region, analyzed how to use the high-quality platform resources of Norland  to seize the good opportunities for the development of the health industry and achieve the success of the distributors’ career. Based on the market, she started from the seven highlights of the platform, and brought her wonderful sharing of "Platform Strategy Normative Interpretation" with her rich experience and wisdom, so that everyone can have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of Norland’s cause.



Good product is a key to opening the market.

Good products are the foundation of platform development and a key to opening the market! The products in Norland all use the world's leading scientific and technological knowhow to develop products with large market potential, strong competitiveness, strong vitality and long life cycle to support the rapid, healthy and lasting development of the platform. The series of products include: Tesla's "clean, adjust, repair, beauty" series of products; Kebao Rui high-end latex bedding series products; the newly launched explosives Wuqing, Witt, small molecule peptides and other nutrition and health products; , The most cutting-edge stem cell project, bringing a steady stream of new impetus to market development. Good products can help families open the door of loyal customers, and can realize the ecosystem of powder absorption and transformation. The 3 days and 2 nights peak leaders training session  brought three explosive tools for the family to open the market-the detox classic group Fangqing Detox Combination 3.0, which has been marketed for more than ten years, Vital gastrointestinal soft-gels (European and American version) and FDA compound ultrapure peptides that combine tripeptide, this product strengthens cell vitality and improve immunity.

Through 3 days and 2 nights of training session, Norland distributors are diligent in thinking, willing to share, and have a new look in spirit. Team cohesion and collaboration ability, personal initiative and leadership have been tremendously improved. I believe that in the future, all elite leaders will export more high-quality business training to all parts of the country, create more capable elite leaders throughout the country, and help distributors all over the country to continuously improve the height of the teams and also individuals.




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