Norland SA First Online Award Event Successfully Held



On 20th June 2020,Norland South Africa held its first online award event successfully. Leaders and distributors from different countries attended the event  and shared their  success stories in Norland.

Connected to Facebook live broadcast,  distributors and guests around the world  participated  and watch this event.


Norland group Overseas operation vice president Mr.Johnny Chen attended and delivered his speech. Norland has always focused on producing excellent products and supporting distributors to develop their business. While covid-19 is spreading and the country is locking down , the company strived to create an online platform for  training conference ,and at the same time  increase support for distributors to ensure their business  continue to develop during the pandemic.


Norland products and Compensation Plan was introduced on the conference.


Although the online award  event is  different in some places from the previous live events, the atmosphere is as sizzling. Through the video cam, you can see attendee's happy smiley faces , especially the  awards segment, which brought the joyous atmosphere to a climax. Scream, laughter, singing continued. Several awards were presented at the event, 30 of them won the Dubai Trip Award, 8 won  5,000 Rand Cash Award, 3 won  10,000 Rand Cash Award , 2 won  65,000 Rand Cash Award , and a leader won the 140,000 Rand Cash Award. 4 people won the USD 6000 Car Award, 4 people won the USD 16000 Car Award and so on.

Mr. Aren Wang, General Manager of Norland South Africa Branch, said in his speech that he would like to thank the distributors and Norland  distributors for their hard work and efforts. The company will continue to work hard to provide better services for everyone, especially during the challenging epidemic .\

Norland has helped many distributors  benefit from health, but also made many people successful in their business, realized their dreams. Let us work together  to let health and wisdom benefit more people.


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